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Real Estate Transactions

Ontario residential real estate purchase or sale. Disbursements and tax extra and may vary based on purchase price. Chinese or English.

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Real Estate Sale - $850

Call me today to close the sale of your home! I will ensure a smooth, stress free and affordable closing. Concierge services available.

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Residential Real Estate Sale

Let us help to complete the sale of your residential property. Excludes tax, disbursements, and mortgage discharge.

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Experienced Real Estate Lawyer

Sale of Residential Home

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Purchase/Sale/All Mortgages

I specialize in all Real Estate transactions. I am available to travel to meet with client to sign closing documents.

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Home Sale or Purchase

For the closing of your residential real estate sale. HST and disbursements not included.

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Residential Real Estate Purchase

Purchase of residential real estate property anywhere in Ontario.

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BC Residential Purchase with Mortgage

BC residential purchase with one mortgage, legal fees do not include out of pocket expenses such as title searches, PPT, filing fees

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Residential Sale

Transparent pricing and affordable fees Does not include mandatory third party disbursements and govt fees

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Purchase, Sale and Refinance

Buying, selling and refinancing a home is an important legal process. Make legally informed decisions with a dedicated real estate team.

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Review of Agreement of Purchase and Sale

For the review of your residential real estate Agreement of Purchase and Sale. HST not included.

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Real Estate Purchase Closing

Legal Fees and Office Disbursements Registration & TI separate