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Evaluation of Proposed Trademark

Legal evaluation of product/service name for use in U.S. market, with respect to mark strength and any obvious obstacles (prelim search)

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Is your Idea patentable?

Determine if your idea is eligible for patent protection. Prior art search and meeting to discuss results. Excl. tax/disbursements

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File Trademark Application

We will draft and file your trademark application (+tax & govt. fees). This is our entry-level package.

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Canadian Trademark Application

Preparation and filing of a Canadian trademark registration application. Includes government filing fee and reporting to you. Taxes extra.

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Trademark registration/Free consultation

Price includes everything until registration, excluding CIPO fees and response to examiners report or third party objections.

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U.S. Trademark Application

Single-class U.S. Trademark Application

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IP Consultation

One hour consultation relating to matters such as patent / trademark / copyright strategy, and initiating or defending a lawsuit.

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Canadian Copyright Registration

Preparing and filing a Canadian copyright application. Attorney fees, official fees and disbursements included. Taxes extra.

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Trade-mark Registrability Opinion

We will conduct searches and provide a written opinion as to whether your proposed marks are registrable.

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Trademark Registration

We file your trademark and report all updates up to registration. Office actions and govt. fees are extra. Free trademark search.

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Patentability Assessment

Includes patent search, review of references, and written assessment of whether your proposed invention is patentable. Taxes extra.

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U.S. Provisional Patent Application

Filing of a United States provisional patent application, including taxes and government filing fees.