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Refugee Sponsorship Application

Preparation and submission of application and supporting documents (excluding taxes).

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Immigration Lawyer

Contact us if you have a refugee matter, removal hearing or need to complete a PRRA.

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Labour Market Impact Assessment

Prepare and Submit your Labour Market Impact Assessment Application to Support Work Permit for Temporary Foreign Worker.

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Immigration Consults

Questions about Immigration? Contact 647-360-7182 to book a consult!

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Express Entry

Representation in Express Entry application

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Family Sponsorship - Review Only

Before submitting your application, we provide professional review to prevent mistakes or long delays.

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CS Immigration

CS Immigration is a company which believes that every individual has the right to choose what kind of life they want to live and where they

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Consultation Fee

Contact me to discuss your visa application from outside or inside Canada. 1 full hour.

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Visitor Visa Consult

Contact us if you want to visit Canada or want someone to visit you in Canada.

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Family Class Sponsorship Application

Assistance with new Family Class Sponsorship Applications from start to finish. Will also assist revision of refused/rejected applications.

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Temporary Residence application

Preparation of Work, Visitor, Student Visa or Super Visa. | Call: 647.822.5492.

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Family Sponsorship

Gain more peace of mind. Get your family sponsorship application prepared by a Canadian lawyer with proven advocacy skills.