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Wills and Powers of Attorney

Single Will $300.00; Couple's Will- $450.00; POA Business - $50.00; POA Personal Care - $50.00

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Power of Attorney

Power of Attorney over Property / Power of Attorney for Personal Care (living will)

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Wills and Power of Attorney

You Can't Take it With You Single Will and two Power of Attorneys

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Will and Powers of Attorney

For the drafting of one will and both powers of attorney for personal care and property. HST not included.

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Will and Powers of Attorney

Information gathering session, simple will and Powers of attorney drafting and signing. HST not included

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Notary Public Certifications Affidavits

Notary services and certifications. Wills, Copies or Originals, Affidavits, Consent to travel.

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Standard Will

Preparation of standard Ontario Will. (HST additional).

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Wills and Power of Attorneys

Our firm charges a flat fee for an individual Will, which includes complimentary Power of Attorneys for Property and Personal Care

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Probate Without a Will

Let us help you apply for a Certificate of Appointment without a Will. Locations across the GTA, open 7 days a week. Disbursements included.

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Will and Powers of Attorney

Preparation of simple will, power of attorney for personal care and continuing power of attorney for property.