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Severance Package Review

Meet with you to review your severance package (approximately 1 hour)

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Initial Review of Termination Package

I will review your termination/severance package from your employer and determine if you are receiving your just payment.

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Termination Package Review

Meet with you to review your termination package and provide brief written opinion on your legal rights. Employers and Employees welcome.

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Severance Package Review

One of our lawyers will meet with you to review your severance package and tell you whether or not it is fair. HST not included.

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Review Termination/Severance Package

Consultation to review severance package, and discuss whether your employer has provided fair compensation.

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Severance Package Assessment

Lost your job? Not sure if your dismissal was 'wrongful'? Schedule a phone consultation to discuss your rights/options.

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Wrongful Dismissal

Accepting clients in wrongful dismissal cases on a contingency basis. You pay only when we win.

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Severance package review

Jeremy Richler VERIFIED | Toronto

I review your severance package to determine if whether it is compliant with the law and/or can be improved.