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Prep for Examination for Discovery

Preparation of client for discovery. Thorough discussion on process/objective, 'do's/'don't's, practice questions.

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Attend Mediation

Attend mediation anywhere in GTA. Mediation Brief not included. Other fees and taxes not included.

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Strategic Advice

In a meeting plus phone call, I will critique your case and help you shore up weaknesses. Approx. 2 hours in duration. HST not incl.

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Attend Examination for Discovery

Attend discovery; includes near-verbatim notes. Other fees and taxes not included. Available to attend outside of GTA as well.

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Human Rights Tribunal

Per Day of Hearing

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Classroom for Self-Reps

Private in-person tutorials that teach self-represented litigants. http://www.litigation-help.com/legal-education-for-self-reps/

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Drafting of Documents

Preparing and drafting of various documents. Contact 647-360-7182 for more information.