FlatLaws (logo) Legal Services you can Afford

Our Mission

We've decided to dedicate Flatlaws.com to the %80 who cannot afford expensive legal representation. Therefore, our slogan is "Legal Services you can Afford". This change aligns well with our tradition of flat rate legal services.

As you probably noticed, we've also expended Flatlaws.com to other countries (US, Australia and the UK) and opened it up for paralegals and companies providing legal services. Future plans include allowing lawyers to offer installments and dedicating part of the website's profits to help clients in need.

With these upgrades we've also implemented priority location ad system that allows you to pay a small fee towards choosing your ads location. Given our mission to promote affordable legal services, we've lowered these fees to a minimum.

In addition, in order to maintain the website and improve it (as well as help clients in need) we've limited the number of ads per user to 3. Users interested in posting more than 3 ads are welcome to purchase the premium subscription for only $4.99 per month - this will also entitle users to have the 'Verified' sticker on their ads (given we've verified their contact details).

We truly hope to make a difference and improve access to justice by creating a platform that will provide affordable legal services to the %80. We would like to highlight the distinction between the %20 'expensive lawyers' and the %80 'good and reliable lawyers' the public can afford.

Please let us know if you have any question, comment, suggestion or feedback.