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Andrei Dobrogeanu

Contact Information

Email andrei@oconnorrichardson.com
Phone 905-777-7909
Address 1 Hunter Street East, Suite G100, Hamilton, Ontario, L8N 3W1
Date Joined On FlatLaws.com since August 28th, 2017

Services Offered

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Promissory Note

Offered in: Hamilton

Protect your personal loan with a promissory note that can be used to enforce the loan in case of default.

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Demand Letter

Offered in: Hamilton

Prepare and send a demand letter setting out your legal position and demands.

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Draft Small Claims Court Pleadings

Offered in: Hamilton

Start or defend a Small Claims Court action with a Plaintiff's Claim, Defence or Defendant's Claim.



Profile photo for Andrei Dobrogeanu Andrei Dobrogeanu is an associate at O'Connor Richardson Professional Corporation, a law firm specializing in corporate law and civil litigation. Andrei has appeared before the Small Claims Court, the Superior Court and the Divisional Court as well as various Boards and Tribunals. Andrei is available to meet you for a free half-hour consultation at the O'Connor Richardson P.C. offices in Toronto and Hamilton or he can meet you at your office. Visit www.oconnorrichardson.com for more information. Flat fees may be available for other services not listed. Contact us for more details. Vorbim romaneste.