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Karmel Sinclair

Contact Information

Email karmel@sinclairlaw.ca
Phone 289-233-4043
Address 250 Consumers Rd., Suite 702`
Date Joined On FlatLaws.com since March 29th, 2014

Services Offered

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Uncontested Divorce

Offered in: Toronto

Uncontested Divorce: $1500.00; Document Drafting and/or one time appearance at court proceedings: $300.00-$1200, depending on complexity.



Profile photo for Karmel Sinclair Karmel has devoted her legal career to strictly family law matters. As such she is knowledgeable regarding family law rules, procedures and strategies. Karmel's practice is geared towards a customer service approach, therefore she offers her clients frequent and transparent communication. Sensitive to the fact that her clients are dealing with trying times, Karmel fights for her clients' rights diligently. Karmel offers $1,500.00 for uncontested Divorces, plus court filing fees, and anywhere from $300.00-$1,000.00 for document drafting and/or one time attendance at court proceedings. Ranges outlined, depend on complexity of the matter. Contact Karmel Sinclair today to arrange family law representation at affordable rates.