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Oziel Law

Contact Information

Email aoziel@oziellaw.ca
Phone 416-452-0317
Address 5255 Yonge Street, Suite 800, Toronto, ON M2N 6P4
Date Joined On FlatLaws.com since August 19th, 2013

Services Offered

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Incorporation and Organization

Offered in: Toronto

Ontario or Federal Incorporation, initial organization and corporate minute book. All disbursements included.

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Trade-mark Registrability Opinion

Offered in: Toronto

We will conduct searches and provide a written opinion as to whether your proposed marks are registrable.



Profile photo for Oziel Law Oziel Law is an entrepreneurial law firm which provides corporate and business law, computer and technology (IT) law, intellectual property (IP) law and contract drafting legal services to a wide range of clients in Toronto, North York, the wider Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and elsewhere in the province of Ontario. In addition, our trade-mark agent can help you search for, apply and register enforceable trade-marks in Canada. We are committed to providing creative, affordable and cost-effective legal solutions for your business or start-up venture and take the time to understand our client’s unique needs to ensure the highest level of service and counsel.