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yossi schochet

Contact Information

Email jschochet@rogers.com
Phone 416-450-4099
Address 469 Lawrence Ave West
Date Joined On FlatLaws.com since December 18th, 2016

Services Offered

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Shoplifting, Mischief, Fraud

Offered in: Toronto

Non-trial price for most Shoplifting, Theft Under, Fraud Under, Mischief Under (add additional fees for minor disbursements, travel and HST)

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Criminal Charges: Consultation/ Advice

Offered in: Toronto

Been charged with a criminal offence? Don't know what to do? Get immediate advice! Come in for a detailed consultation.



Profile photo for yossi schochet Yossi Schochet is a Criminal Defence Lawyer. His practice is dedicated to criminal law and he defends all types of criminal charges in any of the courts of Ontario.