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Why Flat Rate Pricing?

A Win-Win for Lawyers and Clients

Lawyers are professionals providing legal services. For routine work lawyers have a better idea of the time required than clients and can develop procedures to work more efficiently.

Advantages for Clients
Price Certainty
Easy-to-Understand Bills
Expert Lawyer
Advantages for Lawyers
Scope Certainty
Fewer Disputes
Specialization Reduces Time Taken
More Profitable

When Is It Not Appropriate?

Many kinds of legal work are not appropriate for flat rate billing. A product liability case could be settled tomorrow or it could take seven years of trials and appeals. Researching an issue could take two hours because the answer is in an authoritative textbook or it could take 15 hours.

FlatLaw is a collection of services offered by lawyers who have identified discrete legal tasks. If you have work that is outside of the scope of a FlatLaw service listing please contact the lawyer to see what they can do for you.