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Review Contract

Review contract and provide advise on the contract.

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Contract Review - 5 pages or less

Professional Contract Review & Legal Advice for contracts 5-pages or less. We offer other flat rates for contracts of differing lengths.

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Employment Contract

Drafting of standard employment contract. Includes initial consultation and one round of modifications.

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Confidentiality Agreement

Draft a confidentiality agreement to your specifications, or review and amend an existing confidentiality agreement.

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Draft Confidentiality Agreement

Draft a confidentiality agreement

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Asset Sale

Review Asset Purchase Agreement and act for seller; attend closing excludes taxes

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Draft Non-Solicitation Agreement

Draft a non-solicitation agreement

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Fixed Price US Contract Review

Need a U.S. Lawyer to review your agreement? We are responsive and experienced in all commercial matters, including cross-border deals.

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Non-Disclosure Agreement

Call us today at (905)-305-0700 for a FREE consultation.

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Services agreements

Drafting/Review/Negotiation (1-4 pages)

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Employment Agreement

$500.00 + H.S.T. per agreement.

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Technology Licensing Agreement

Drafting or Review of Licensing Agreement, up to 7 pages. Includes in-person consultation.