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Promissory Note

Protect your personal loan with a promissory note that can be used to enforce the loan in case of default.

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Small Claims - Flat Fee

Private 1-hour consultation for any Small Claims matter and procedures. Contact me at 647-360-7182 for more information.

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Mock Trial Session

You will conduct a short mock trial to test your case. I will give you feedback and tips on the spot.

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Demand Letter

Prepare and send a demand letter setting out your legal position and demands.

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Draft Plaintiff's Claim

Drafting a Plaintiff's Claim for Small Claims Court

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1 Day of Trial

Includes One Day of Representation at Trial in the Small Claims Court in Toronto

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Small Claims trial

We can represent you for a one-day trial in Small Claims court for a flat-rate fee. Many Small-Claims matters only require one day.

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Settlement Conference

I will attend the Settlement Conference and negotiate on your behalf to try to resolve the matter that day.

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Litigaiton Matters

Starting Retainer

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Draft Superior Court Claim

Initial meeting, review documents, draft Statement of Claim, arrange to have claim issued; excludes disbursements, taxes, service of claim

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Small Claims - Draft Claim or Defence

Drafting a Plaintiff's Claim or Defence for Small Claims Court $500

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Legal Opinion

Consultation, Review of Documents, Basic Research, and Provide Legal Opinion