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Defend Roadside Suspension

We can appeal your roadside suspension to the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles. Strict timelines apply, so contact us ASAP.

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Defend Drunk-driving Charge

We can defend you at trial if you are facing impaired charges. Fee is for first day of trial in Provincial Court.

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Prenuptial Agreements

Includes in person consultations, providing independent legal advice, drafting of agreement, witnessing of signatures.

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Drafting Letters

Consulting with client, reviewing materials and drafting letters to opposing side in litigation disputes.

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Basic Will

Preparing and witnessing a basic will. Taxes extra.

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Small Claims trial

We can represent you for a one-day trial in Small Claims court for a flat-rate fee. Many Small-Claims matters only require one day.

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Uncontested Divorce

Preparing and filing your divorce forms.

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File Trademark Application

We will draft and file your trademark application (+tax & govt. fees). This is our entry-level package.

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Probate Application with Will

Preparing and filing all forms required to obtain a grant of probate. Court fees and tax extra.

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BC Residential Sale

BC residential sale - legal fees do not include out of pocket expenses such as land title searches, strata property fees, etc...

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Incorporate BC Company

Complete legal services by a lawyer. Multi-class share structure & complete records book. Filing fees and costs are extra.

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Drafting Notice of Claim

Consultation with client, reviewing documents, and drafting Notice of Civil Claim for various kinds of civil law disputes.