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Incorporation of a Company

Incorporate federally or provincially. Includes all disbursements, Articles of Incorporation, by-laws, and organization of minute book.

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Classroom for Self-Reps

Private in-person tutorials that teach self-represented litigants. http://www.litigation-help.com/legal-education-for-self-reps/

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Attend Mediation

Attend mediation anywhere in GTA. Mediation Brief not included. Other fees and taxes not included.

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Last Will & Testament, POAs

My fee for couples is $900 for the drafting of two Wills, POAs for Personal Care and POAs for Property. Concierge service available.

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Criminal Charges: Consultation/ Advice

Been charged with a criminal offence? Don't know what to do? Get immediate advice! Come in for a detailed consultation.

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Drinking and Driving - Resolution

Review disclosure, conduct crown pre-trial, conduct judicial pre-trial for Impaired driving, over 80, refusal breathlyzer, care or control

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Settlement Conference

I will attend the Settlement Conference and negotiate on your behalf to try to resolve the matter that day.

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Independent Legal Advice

Located Downtown Markham. Service in English and Mandarin. Excludes tax and disbursements.

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Contract Review - 5 pages or less

Professional Contract Review & Legal Advice for contracts 5-pages or less. We offer other flat rates for contracts of differing lengths.

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Uncontested Divorce

We will handle the uncontested divorce from start until finish.

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Corporate Law Services

Incorporation Packages Starting at $999.00 Shareholder Agreements Starting at $1500.00

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Family Class Sponsorship Application

Assistance with new Family Class Sponsorship Applications from start to finish. Will also assist revision of refused/rejected applications.