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Business Incorporation

Call us for a FREE consultation today (905)-305-0700. We can help you set up your company.

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Patentability Assessment

Includes patent search, review of references, and written assessment of whether your proposed invention is patentable. Taxes extra.

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Demand Letters

Draft and send Demand Letter (and/or Cease & Desist Letter) in respect of contemplated legal action.

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Attend Examination for Discovery

Attend discovery; includes near-verbatim notes. Other fees and taxes not included. Available to attend outside of GTA as well.

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Draft Non-Solicitation Agreement

Draft a non-solicitation agreement

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Independent Contractor Agreement

$500.00 + H.S.T. per agreement

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Uncontested Divorce

Includes legal consultation, drafting and filing of court documents. Does not include HST, court fees or disbursements.

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Website Terms of Use

Terms of Use agreements cover items such as Site Security; Privacy; Permitted Uses of the Site; Intellectual Property etc.

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Criminal Charges: Consultation/ Advice

Been charged with a criminal offence? Don't know what to do? Get immediate advice! Come in for a detailed consultation.

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Review of Agreement of Purchase and Sale

For the review of your residential real estate Agreement of Purchase and Sale. HST not included.

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Separation Agreements

Cost for a separation agreement depends on the complexity and number of issues involved. Contact us for a free consultation.

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Human Rights Tribunal

Per Day of Hearing