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Residential Closing Sell/Purchase

Team of 4 lawyer with wast expertise in residential real estate transactions. Selling or Buying a house? Call us today! Best rates!

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Drafting of Last Will & Testament

Single Will plus Power of Attorney For Property & Power of Attorney For Personal Care + Health Care Directive

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Bail Hearings - Help available 24/7

Legal representation is crucial at this stage as it can increase the likelihood of being released from custody upon arrest.

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Independent Legal Advice

Reviewing your separation agreement with you and highlighting our concerns. Signing the Separation Agreement with you and signing an ILA

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Ontario Incorporation

Name pre-approval, custom articles of incorporation, bylaws, subscriptions, resolutions, and minute book. HST and Disbursements extra.

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Review of Severance Package

Review of a severance package and a consultation for one hour to discuss legal entitlements.

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Family Law Consultation

Consultation to discuss and navigate your family law issues and to help provide direction and answers. HST additional.

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Draft Confidentiality Agreement

Draft a confidentiality agreement

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Bail Hearing

I will represent you at your Bail Hearing, prepare your surety and make excellent submissions on your behalf to facilitate your release.

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Power of Attorney

Power of Attorney over Property / Power of Attorney for Personal Care (living will)

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Share Purchase Agreement

Draft a share purchase agreement for you. Most issues need to be agreed on.