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Simple Divorce

Drafting, Serving, and Filing Only the Application for Divorce, Affidavit for Divorce, draft Divorce Order and an Affidavit of Service

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Uncontested Divorce

Simple uncontested divorce includes drafting documents, court fees and all disbursements.

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Employment Contract Review

Meet with you to review your Employment Contract and give advice about the contract.

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Simple Wills

Drafting of will.

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Residential Sale

Transparent pricing and affordable fees Does not include mandatory third party disbursements and govt fees

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Power of Attorney

Preparation of Power of Attorney for property or the person. (HST additional).

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Uncontested Divorce Proceedings

Legal Representation in filing for an uncontested divorce, includes taxes and disbursments

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Foreign Divorce Opinion Letter

Required to get married in Canada if previously divorced in a foreign jurisdiction

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Separation Agreement

Quick and easy separation agreements.