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Provincial and Federal Incorporation

Incorporate company in provincial or federal jurisdiction. Full articles and extra fee for minute book

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Shareholders' Agreement

Drafting of agreement including initial consultation, one round of modifications, and follow up consultation (up to 4 shareholders).

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Draft and file small claims pleadings

Review your legal issue, draft plaintiffs claim, preparation and filing of Small Claims Forms, debrief after filing.

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Draft Pleadings

Draft Application, Answer, Affidavit in Support of Custody/Access, Financial Statement, Case Conference Brief

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RIPPED OFF? Case review and assessment

Review of docs + strategy phone conference with Jordan. Honest and strategic advice. Visit www.MrSmallClaimsCourt.ca to see our record.

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Website Terms of Use

Terms of Use agreements cover items such as Site Security; Privacy; Permitted Uses of the Site; Intellectual Property etc.

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Family Sponsorship

Gain more peace of mind. Get your family sponsorship application prepared by a Canadian lawyer with proven advocacy skills.

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Employment Agreement

$500.00 + H.S.T. per agreement. Visit www.eruditelaw.com

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Independent Contractor Agreement

$500.00 + H.S.T. per agreement. Visit www.eruditelaw.com

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Purchase and Sale Closing

Let our Ottawa Real Estate Lawyer help with your buying and selling experience! We offer expert advice in Real Estate law at our frontier.

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Employment Advice

Our firm offers consultation to employees and employers on various employment related issues. Call 647-618-6027

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Criminal defence

Bail hearings where the Crown has not given notice that they will be contesting the release. The price includes tax.