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Bail Hearings

Available for Bail Hearings on short notice.

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Canadian Copyright Application

Preparation and filing of a Canadian copyright application. Includes gov. filing fee and reporting certificate of registration. Taxes extra.

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Real Estate Purchase - $1250

Call me today to make your home closing simple, affordable and stress free! Concierge services available for signing! We will come to you!

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Toronto Domestic Violence Lawyer

Experienced Domestic Violence & Assault Lawyer. $3,500 for non-guilty plea resolutions (peace bonds and withdrawn charges)

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Severance Package Review

One of our lawyers will meet with you to review your severance package and tell you whether or not it is fair. HST not included.

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NEXUS Confiscations at Canadian Border

I assist clients with customs law issues or reporting of $10,000 or export controls where his/her NEXUS pass confiscated/cancelled

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Severance Package Review

Meet with you to review your severance package (approximately 1 hour)

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Non-Disclosure Agreement

Will provide advice and draft a non-disclosure agreement.

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Separation Agreement

Flat fee available when partners in agreement over basic issues.

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Organization of Minute Book

Will organize your corporate minute book including issuing share certificates. All disbursements are included.

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Home Sale or Purchase

For the closing of your residential real estate sale. HST and disbursements not included.

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Problems with your landlord/tenant ?

Thinking about taking legal action against your landlord/tenant? Contact 647-360-7182 to book a consult!