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Incorporation, Legal Advice & More

Price includes registration, organizational documents, legal advice and 1 year of corporate law services. Tax and government fees are extra.

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Marriage/Cohabitation Agreement

Your partner will need separate counsel.

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Contractor's Agreement

Have you recently received a contractor's agreement? We can assist you in reviewing its terms.

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Online Advertising Contracts

I help you to negotiate/draft/revise online advertising contracts.

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Family Law Consultation

Consultation to discuss and navigate your family law issues and to help provide direction and answers. HST additional.

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Will and Powers of Attorney

For the drafting of one will and both powers of attorney for personal care and property. HST not included.

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Simple Divorce

Drafting, Serving, and Filing Only the Application for Divorce, Affidavit for Divorce, draft Divorce Order and an Affidavit of Service

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Consultations - Family Law matters

I will meet with you for an hour and half to discuss your options, answer any questions you have, and give you clear directions.

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Express Entry

Representation in Express Entry application

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Initial Review of Termination Package

I will review your termination/severance package from your employer and determine if you are receiving your just payment.

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RIPPED OFF? Case review and assessment

Review of docs + strategy phone conference with Jordan. Honest and strategic advice. Visit www.MrSmallClaimsCourt.ca to see our record.

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Purchase and Sale Closing

Let our Ottawa Real Estate Lawyer help with your buying and selling experience! We offer expert advice in Real Estate law at our frontier.