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Family Class Sponsorship Application

Assistance with new Family Class Sponsorship Applications from start to finish. Will also assist revision of refused/rejected applications.

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Criminal Charges: Consultation/ Advice

Been charged with a criminal offence? Don't know what to do? Get immediate advice! Come in for a detailed consultation.

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Full and Final Release Agreement

Draft a full and final release agreement

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Sale legal fee only

Full quote including: Disbursements (out-of-pocket expenses), Land Transfer Tax & Title Insurance provided upon request.

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Icann Matters

I am a former ICANN compliance professional. I can help you with ICANN registry/registrar related matters, including RAAs.

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Separation Agreement

Includes in person consultations, providing independent legal advice, drafting of agreement, witnessing of signatures.

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Review of Severance Package

Review of a severance package and a consultation for one hour to discuss legal entitlements.

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Contract Review: Employees/Contractors

Starting a new job/engagement? Gain the most out of your new contract with a thorough review & smart negotiation strategy.

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Small Claims - Flat fee

Block fees for small claims starting at $1000 for simple matters - contact Knights LPC for more details

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Uncontested Divorce

Includes legal consultation, drafting and filing of court documents. Does not include HST, court fees or disbursements.

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Independent Contractor Agreement

$500.00 + H.S.T. per agreement. Visit www.eruditelaw.com

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Residential sale transaction

Contact us to handle your real estate sale closing.