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Shareholders Agreement (2 shareholders)

Consultation and Drafting: main aspects must have been agreed already by the shareholders. (Fee does not include HST & disbursements)

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Ontario Incorporation

Name pre-approval, custom articles of incorporation, bylaws, subscriptions, resolutions, and minute book. HST and Disbursements extra.

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Draft Confidentiality Agreement

Draft a confidentiality agreement

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Breach of Contract / Unpaid Invoices

Initial consultation (30 minutes) and preparing demand letter. Call: 647.822.5492.

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Canadian Trademark Application

Preparation and filing of a Canadian trademark registration application. Includes government filing fee and reporting to you. Taxes extra.

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Defend Roadside Suspension

We can appeal your roadside suspension to the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles. Strict timelines apply, so contact us ASAP.

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Defend Drunk-driving Charge

We can defend you at trial if you are facing impaired charges. Fee is for first day of trial in Provincial Court.

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Guilty Plea / non-trial resolutions

Guilty plea in the Ontario Court of Justice for criminal offences. Includes disclosure review & pretrial discussions with Crown.

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DUI Cases | Over 80 | Impaired Driving

Experienced DUI Lawyer, affording payment plans for all DUI cases. $3,500 for joint submission resolutions

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Basic Will and Two Powers of Attorney

Preparation of a Basic Will and Two Powers of Attorney. Advice can be provided in English, Spanish or French.

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Simple Divorce

Drafting, Serving, and Filing Only the Application for Divorce, Affidavit for Divorce, draft Divorce Order and an Affidavit of Service

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Will and Powers of Attorney

Information gathering session, simple will and Powers of attorney drafting and signing. HST not included